‘Who Asked You’ is a series created for capturing the annual highlights of the St Leonard’s Cricket Club and then subsequently the Glen Waverley Cricket Club (from 1993/94). The intent is to record a broader snapshot of the period, and then the club’s progress and its’ performances with respect to the nominated season, as part of an ongoing historical archive.


The concept arose in 2019 ahead of the 60th anniversary of the club to satisfy the void of written history and would take many seasons to collate. The club was rich in statistical detail having retained almost all scorebooks since inception, and courtesy of the efforts of the early founders (Kevin Hambrook etal), and some statistically minded clubmen (Phil Miller and Leigh Gunn), garnered and promulgated the statistical history.


It was the vision and energy of Phil Miller that built the platform and set the club history in motion. His passion to retain records and create hand-written player summary cards was the inspiration. Phil was an enigmatic character, popular clubman, spirited competitor and talented cricketer who was the club’s career record holder for both games and runs during his playing days (1964/65 to 1992/93). Invariably it was Phil’s cheeky disposition that was on full display both on and off the field. Often the conversation would be punctuated with Phil crying out – who asked ya!


The work of this series is to blend the highlights and statistical journey on an annual basis with a sense of the history of the period every five years, and extracts of tales and stories where possible. The intent is not to create some form of almanac or statistical package, as this is adequately covered in databases, spreadsheets and other records.


The work on the series commenced in 2020 and invariable has content built from memory of the forefathers and is written in retrospect with an ounce of comparison against the future. Rewrites, corrections and addendums may almost certainly follow. Enjoy the reading … Leigh Gunn